Logitech Railly Plus System

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Conference System/ WUXGA
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18 มกราคม 2567

ผู้ชม 9518 ผู้ชม



Product Features  Modular video conferencing system for large rooms
 Form Factor  Modular
 Usb Mode  Yes
 Appliance Mode  w/RoomMate
 Motorized Pan Tilt  Yes
 Total Room Coverage  260° h x 190° v
 Zoom  Up to 15X total zoom (5X optical and 3X digital)
 Right Sight Autoframing  Yes
 RightLight  Yes
 RightSound  Yes
 Expansion Mics  Up to 7 Rally Mic Pods
 Mic Pod Hub  Up to 7
 Speakers  2
 Patented anti-vibration supension system  Yes



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